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Our mission is to make natural, organic, and eco-friendly products more affordable.  We pride ourselves in quality product sourcing.  We thrive on helping the independent.  We believe in the concept of fair trade.  We’re a family that’s been doing this since 1995.  At Natural Value, you live well and spend less.

The First Organic Sriracha sauce on the Market.

Natural Value® is “Amazon’s Choice” for Sriracha!!!

Grown & Packed in the USA • Organic • Kosher • Vegan • Gluten-free

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Cat Food Update: Tuna n’ Toppings, Gourmet Style

September 19, 2017 UPDATE:  
Great News! Our Tuna n’ Toppings and Gourmet Style Cat Food are back in stock!  If you are having trouble finding our cat food at the store you used to buy it from, then please email us with the store’s name and location.  We’ll work with your store to get our cat food back on the shelf!

Natural Value Inc. Announces Sustainable Only Tuna Policy

For Immediate Release: August 29, 2017  

(Sacramento, CA) – Natural Value Inc. announced today that, going forward, it will only sell sustainable tuna that has been certified by a recognized 3rd party certification agency like the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). When consumers see the MSC label on all Natural Value Inc. tuna products, they can be confident that the tuna purchased was harvested using sustainable methods.

Gary Cohen, President of Natural Value Inc., stated, “Since 1995, we’ve taken pride in providing environmentally friendly products, including canned tuna, to our customers. When MSC certified Albacore, Yellowfin, and Skipjack tuna became available to us in 2014, we immediately began selling those certified species and have done so ever since. With that said, there is no source of sustainably certified Tongol tuna and because of that, we could never claim that ‘all of the tuna Natural Value sold was MSC certified.’ Today, we’re proud to say that all changes.”

“We want to do our part to keep our oceans healthy and felt compelled to make the change,” continued Cohen. “By selling MSC certified tuna our customers can be confident that we are supporting the sustainability of our fisheries. We hope that as our withdrawal from selling Tongol tuna leaves holes on retailers’ shelves, they will replace those holes with one of our sustainably fished species.”

Natural Value Inc. has also begun selling MSC Yellowfin and Skipjack tuna under a marketing agreement with Pacifical, which is produced in a socially responsible and fair manner. Those canned products, along with foodservice-size pouches of MSC Skipjack, will roll out during 2017.

Sriracha Mustard Misprint

Sriracha Mustard Misprint

May 2017

Oops! Due to a labeling error, our Sriracha Mustard label states 53 grams of sugar. Rest assured, there is no sugar in this product. We apologize for the mistake and are working to correct it.

“What happened to the pet food?”

March 2017 UPDATE:  
Exciting news! Our 5.5 oz. pate cat food will be in stock at,, and on store shelves by the week ending March 24th!  If you are having trouble finding our pate cat food at the store you used to buy it from, then please email us with the store’s name and location.  We’ll work with your store to get our cat food back on the shelf!

Natural Value Non-GMO Pet Food available now from Let’s Go Green and Jet!
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December 8, 2016

Since we started in business 21 years ago we decided to do business the old fashioned way. (Maybe because I am old?). We found one producer in each product category and stuck with that one producer no matter what.

Over the years that program has been very successful for us and the suppliers we have chosen to work with. But there have been hiccups.

We are now in a position where we are no longer working with the 3rd party we were sourcing our pet food from. There went our pet food business. Because the 3rd party set themselves up with the suppliers and producers as the key party. Not us. Even though it was our brand and our product and our name on the product. That was my mistake.

So we are now in the process of establishing direct relationships with the people whom make the pet food. That took and takes time. So we are out of stock until January. We apologize for that.

Thanks for your patience.

Gary Cohen
Natural Value

DISCONTINUED: Unbleached Waxed Paper and Bags

DISCONTINUED: Unbleached Waxed Paper and Bags

A Note about our waxed paper and bags:

We started producing our Unbleached waxed paper over 20 years ago.

The company that was making it was bought out, then that company was bought out, spun off parts of the business, and the same thing happened 2 more times.

We wound up dealing with a much larger company that decided that they didn’t want to “be bothered” with such small volume on our waxed paper products. So they stopped producing it.

It wasn’t our decision to stop selling these products. We looked around for another supplier, without any success.

We’re sorry they are gone.

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Coconut Labeling Mishap

Oops! Due to a labeling error, our Organic Coconut Milk label states 35% organic coconut extract. Rest assured, our formula hasn’t changed and still contains 53% organic coconut extract. We apologize for the mistake and are working to correct it.

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