Updated June 2017

Jody and I started Natural Value in 1995 with 25 products, and a mission to make natural and organic foods, and environmentally friendly nonfood’s, affordable.

We grew in size over the years. We added products, lost some. Have close to 200 now.  We have 28 vendors as suppliers and we are looking to add 20 more who will supply us with another 150 products/

We do business a little differently than most companies.  We find one producer in each product category and stick with that one producer.  No searching for the lowest price – we want quality products at a good price.  We really and truly believe in partnerships.

For the first 14 years, we did everything ourselves.  My older daughter helped out for awhile but her interests were in other areas.

After Jody had a life altering illness in December 2008, we realized we couldn’t handle everything ourselves anymore.  I had sworn I would never have employees again…but….meet my amazing staff…


Administrative Department


Christine went on maternity leave in January and has now resigned to be a full-time mom.  She was with us for about 4 years.  When she first started she worked out of the home office of Natural Value and was employee #4.  She saw the company go through amazing growth while handling paperwork, mailings, packing boxes, trade shows, organizing and planning travel and always saying “what can I do to help.”  (She also helped by eating the chocolate and candy gifts that I brought back from business trips). Eventually, she wasn’t the only person in the admin department and supervised a staff of 3.  Interestingly, 2 of the people she supervised were people she recommended to work for us.
She will always be a part of the NV family and we hope that some day she will return to working for us.


Meet Candice.  Candice is a vital asset to our team, as she handles all of the travel, shows, and third party certificates.  Candice is one of the most artistic people I have ever met and can find a song to sing in any situation.  We are so happy to have her on our team.


Meet Craig. Another newbie to Natural Value, and a musician to boot. Craig is one of the hardest workers here.  If there’s anything you need to be done, Craig is your man.  Craig handles all the UPS mailing lists and customer information.  Along with that, he handles Natural Value’s inventory and mailings.  His hard work and dedication show through in everything he does.



Meet Christina. She is our Orders Desk Clerk, and now the Buyer for Natural Value Inc.  Christina is a recent graduate of Sacramento State and a new Mom of a beautiful baby boy.  She has only been here a short time but you wouldn’t know it.  Her quick learning and spunky personality have made us here at Natural Value feel lucky to have her.


 Bookkeeping and Human Resources



HR and Finance Manager

Meet Sande.  We finally hired a permanent bookkeeper after our previous 1-day-a-week-for-6-years bookkeeper retired.  That was almost 3 years ago.  She has done an incredible job of putting our books in order.  She is now the Finance and HR Manager.


Sales Department


Sales Manager

Meet Steph. It’s always a good sign when one of your existing employees recommends someone to work for you.  It’s even more impressive (scary?) when that person has a solid, secure, full-time job and they leave that job to join your company.  That’s what Steph did.  So far, she has done the order desk and handled it well along with all other administration things.  She is also learning to do things “Gary style” from sample boxes and UPS to travel to anything we ask her to do.  Stephanie is now Sales Manager and she always puts her everything in anything she does.  Also, there’s no one that I have met that is loud enough to talk over her!


Meet Anna. Four Years ago we hired her and she has been instrumental in the growth of our business.  Anna’s drive in sales is incredible.  She always makes the most of her time and consistently produces great work.  We’re lucky to have her.



Meet Brittney.  So far, she has grabbed the reins of the order desk and handled it well along with all other administration things.  She is also learning to do things “Gary style” from sample boxes and UPS to Customer inquiries to anything we ask her to do.  Most recently has moved to the sales department and has proven to be a go-getter, and a quick learner.  We’re happy she’s a part of the Natural Value team.  She is currently on Maternity Leave and will be back soon.


When we hire new people, we invite all of our existing staff to participate in the interview.  I want new people to get along with the existing people.  It may sound corny, but we are a family business, and the wonderful people that work with us are part of that family.  Interestingly, Anna, Christine, Candice, and Brittney were all hired via referral from friends.  It’s always good when people recommend their friends to work at a company they work for.

We also FINALLY have a wonderful Web Designer – Ted Angel Design – who was also referred to us by Christine.  He has been able to take my hieroglyphics and chicken scratchings and convert them into copy for our web page.  Ted – where did you learn how to do that??

These are the people who make things happen for Natural Value Inc.