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Can Lining of Our Coconut Milk Here is a bit of information that our supplier is authorized to provide: We do not use the words Non-BPA as this is apparently a misnomer. Our suggested term is non-Epoxy, which means that BPA will not be a part of the initial can, but as you know BPA [...]

Coconut Water Potassium Mgs declared on new label

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We will be adding this important information to the New Label.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  

Organic Coconut Milk – New label misprint

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As some of you have noticed, the new label of the Organic Coconut Milk now reads "Coconut Extract (35%)" instead of the original 53%, this is a MISPRINT.  Somehow the numbers became inverted on the new label.  We are trying to let our customers know that we did not change the formula, and we would [...]

Our Cat Is Thrilled!

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A note from one of our customers regarding our cat food: "Gary, you asked if our cat liked her new food.  She gobbled up the Natural Value canned food we gave her.  This is really good news since she became picky while we were on vacation.  In fact, we have boxes -- a stack of [...]

Updated BPA Free list, new Non GMO page.

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We have updated the BPA Non-intent list and added a new Non-GMO Page.