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We update this list of where our products come from regularly. This list is current as of 07/17/2017.


Organic and Pure Retail Products

Apple Juice, Apple Sauce, OrganicUSACalifornia
Beans, OrganicNorth America
Beans, Organic RefriedNorth America
Coconut Cream, Organic & Pure RetailPhilippines
Coconut Milk, Organic & PurePhilippines
Coconut Water (cans), PureThailand
Corn, Organic GoldenUSA
Fruit Juices, OrganicUSACalifornia
Green Beans, OrganicUSA
Hominy, OrganicNorth America
Ketchup, OrganicUSAIndiana
Lentils, Organic GreenNorth America
Maple Syrup, OrganicUSA or Canada
Mushrooms, OrganicUSAPennsylvania
Mustard, OrganicUSA (Mustard seed from Canada)
Olives, Non-OrganicUSACalifornia
Pad Thai Noodles, Gluten Free OrganicThailand
Pasta Sauce, OrganicUSAPennsylvania
Peaches, OrganicUSACalifornia
Pears, OrganicUSACalifornia
Peas, Organic Sweet GreenUSA
Pesto, OrganicItaly
Popping Corn, Organic NON-GMOUSANebraska
Pretzels, OrganicUSAPennsylvania
Quinoa, OrganicUSAMissouri
Risotto, OrganicUSAMissouri
Salsa, OrganicUSAArizona
Salts, PureUSACalifornia
Sauerkraut, OrganicUSANew York
Sparkling Soda, OrganicCanada
Sparkling Water, Pure ItalianItaly
Sriracha Sauce, OrganicUSAArizona
Tomato Products, Organic USACalifornia
Tuna, Albacore MSCPacked in Thailand
Tuna, Skipjack MSCPacked in Thailand
Tuna, YellowfinPacked in Thailand
Vinegar, Apple CiderUSACalifornia


Baby WipesUSAArizona
Bathroom TissueUSAArizona
Cleaning PasteUSANew Hampshire
Cleaning ProductsUSAIllinois
Dryer Sheets, CompostableUSAWisconsin
Facial TissueUSAArizona (boxes printed in China)
Paper Plates, Cups, Lunch BagsUSAMissouri
Paper Towels, BrownUSAArizona
Paper Towels, WhiteUSAArizona
Plates & Cutlery, CompostableChina
Plastic Storage BagsUSAUtah or Wisconsin
Plastic WrapChina
Sponges & ScrubbersCanada
Trash BagsUSAUtah or Wisconsin
Trash Bags, CompostableUSAUtah or Wisconsin
Trash Bags and Tall Kitchen, 65% RecycledUSAMichigan
Waxed Paper, Waxed Paper BagsUSAMichigan

Pet Food

Cat Food, Tuna 'n' Toppings (5.5oz)Thailand
Cat Food, Gourmet (3 oz)Thailand
Cat Food, NON-GMO 3oz & 5.5 ozCanada
Cat Food, PateUSAKansas
Dog Food, NON-GMOUSANew Jersey

Food Service Products

FS Beans, OrganicNorth America
FS Beans, Organic RefriedNorth America
FS Coconut Milk, OrganicThailand
FS Hominy, OrganicNorth America
FS Maple SyrupUSA or Canada
FS Mayo, Organic SunflowerUSACalifornia
FS Mushrooms, OrganicUSAPennsylvania
FS Mustard, OrganicUSA (Mustard seed from Canada)
FS Oil, Expeller Pressed Canola, OrganicUSACrushed and bottled in California
FS Oil, Extra Virgin Olive, OrganicUSACrushed and bottled in California
FS Oil, High Oleic SafflowerUSACrushed and bottled in California
FS Oil Sesame, OrganicMexico
FS Olives, Non-OrganicUSACalifornia
FS Pad Thai Noodles, Gluten Free OrganicThailand
FS Pasta, Gluten Free OrganicUSAIllinois
FS Pasta, OrganicItaly
FS PestoItaly
FS Plastic WrapChina
FS SalsaUSAArizona
FS Sesame Ginger Dressing, OrganicUSAArizona
FS Soy Sauce, OrganicUSAArizona
FS Sriracha Sauce, OrganicUSAArizona
FS Srirachanaise, OrganicUSAArizona
FS Tahini, Organic 8lbUSATexas
FS Tamari SauceUSAArizona
FS Tomato Products, OrganicUSACalifornia
FS Tuna, Albacore MSCPacked in Thailand
FS Tuna, Skipjack MSCPacked in Thailand