Legally, companies can put as little as 9-11% milkfat in and still call it coconut milk.
According to government regulations, you can have coconut milk that is

• 17-19% Milkfat (top of the line or “full fat”)

• 13-15% milkfat

• 9-11% milkfat

Less than 9% coconut is Light Coconut Milk which is 5-7% milkfat.

More than 19% is 20-22% which is Coconut Cream.

Some also add guar gum to make it appear thicker.

With Natural Value Coconut Milk, you get the highest percentage of top of the line coconut plus reverse-osmosis-purified water.

Nothing could be more simple.

Our Coconut Milk:
Lite 25% coconut, 75% water (5-7% milkfat)
Regular 53% coconut, 47% water (17-19% milkfat)
Cream 60% coconut, 40% water (20-22% milkfat)

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