When I was a kid we played stickball.  There were no umpires so when there was a question about whether someone was safe or out, we did a ‘do-over.’  We “played it again” so to speak.

Now, hundreds of years later (not quite), we are going to have a ‘do-over’ with our label design.

Last year we hired a professional design firm to do our labels.  That didn’t work out.  But we took the design they created for us and hired someone to “interpret” their design and make our labels.  That didn’t work out either.

So we are doing it again.

We have hired a new designer who is taking us in a different direction. Check out their designs for our new Organic Jams and Organic Sriracha and their redesign of our Waxed Paper Bags.

We will be rolling this out to all of our products in 2015.

Waxed-paper-Bags NV-Organic-Preserve-(1)-1 NV_SRIRACHA-11.09.14-(3)