Trader_JoesIn the Mid 1980s, my distribution business did some Warehousing for Trader Joe’s. They had 25 stores in L.A. They sold their own brand of products and they also bought “closeouts”…

I remember when we started working with them. They ran radio commercials saying “General Foods changed the packaging on their International Coffees and we bought all 20,000 cases of the old packaging.”  And the ad said ‘instead of buying it at a grocery store you could buy it cheaper at trader joes.’

Well, they bought 20,000 cases.  There were 10 cases to the pallet layer, 20 layers high.  So, 200 cases per pallet.  And we received 5 truckloads to warehouse and store for them.  20,000 cases!!

On one order that we had from them, a few cases fell off the pallet.  So I called the buyer (This was before fax or email or texting) and told him one of my drivers broke a few cases.  And that, while they may have shipped in 20,000 cases, they were only going to get back 19,997.

He told me it was fine, and that they allowed each warehouse a small percentage for damaged cases. And that they weren’t going to deduct 86 cents from our invoice to cover the damaged cases.