Many of our foodservice products are now carried by KeHE in their Lehigh (Northeast) and Bloomington (Midwest) warehouses.

bowtie-thumbAmong the items picked up…

Organic Beans in #10 cans
Organic Tomatoes in #10 cans
Organic Coconut Milk in #10 cans
Sliced and Lower Sodium Black Olives with no Ferrous Gluconate in #10 cans
Organic Mustard in 4/1 Gallon Jugs
Organic Pasta in 20 lb Boxes
Organic and Non-GMO Oils in 35 lb Boxes
coconut-milkThe above are the initial items being stocked.  More are coming in Round 2

Natural Value Organic PastaIf you are a natural food retailer or restaurant, please contact your local KeHE rep for more information!!!  We anticipate rolling out the program to additional warehouses soon!!