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Natural Value Foodservice Products Now Carried by KeHe

Many of our foodservice products are now carried by KeHE in their Lehigh (Northeast) and Bloomington (Midwest) warehouses. Among the items picked up… Organic Beans in #10 cans Organic Tomatoes in #10 cans Organic Coconut Milk in #10 cans Sliced and Lower Sodium Black Olives with no Ferrous Gluconate in #10 cans Organic Mustard in [...]

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Updated BPA Free list, new Non GMO page.

We have updated the BPA Non-intent list and added a new Non-GMO Page.

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Source of water in coconut mlk and coconut cream

We have had a number of requests to identify the source of water in our products.  For our coconut milk and coconut cream, the source is deep well water purified via reverse osmosis filtration.

By | October 6th, 2014|FAQs|

If You Love Me, Don’t Feed Me Junk

That’s the title of a book written by Sandy Gooch – one of the pioneers of the natural food business. I thought of her book last week. Two people that read my blog wrote similar comments.  One talked about the amount of “crap” (her word, not mine) that passes off for food.  The other wrote [...]

By | October 2nd, 2014|Gary's Blog|

NV Albacore tuna is now MSC Certified

Our Albacore tuna is now MSC Certified (Marine Stewardship Council). (So is our new Natural Value Skipjack Tuna) Our other 2 species of tuna - Yellowfin and Tongol - are not MSC certified, We have looked into producing all of our tuna as MSC certified.  We understand that Yellowfin tuna will possibility be certified in [...]

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Gary’s 6 ways to increase profits

I didn’t go to college to study business; instead I like to say that I have a degree from the University of the Street.  And somebody added, School of Hard Knocks. But after spending lots of money on business books, self-help guides and not a whole lot on consultants, I have decided there are 6 [...]

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New Mustard Container

When we started producing Organic products back in 1995, one of the first products we came out with was Organic Yellow Mustard. We produced mustard in both glass jars and plastic squeeze bottles. We are continuing to do both glass and squeeze. Recently, the mustard manufacturer sent us samples of some new bottles they would [...]

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Show Deals, Sales, EDLP

When we first started in business, we had a simple pricing model. We took our cost, added a small profit margin for ourselves and our overhead, and sold our products at low prices. In the trade, this is referred to as “EDLP” – Every Day Low Prices. But when we exhibited at trade shows, people [...]

By | September 2nd, 2014|Gary's Blog|

Amazon now has our coconut water!

Natural Value Coconut Water with Pulp 17.58oz Natural Value Coconut Water Without Pulp 17.58oz Please note that our NV coconut water cans are 17.58 oz. We notice that some other coconut milk cans have shrunk to 16.2 oz.  It didn’t take long for that “downsizing” to happen….

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More disclosure on Coconut Milk and Cream contents; All are now Fair Trade certified

We are adding more information to our coconut milk labels. We also list the coconut fat content for all of our cans: Coconut Milk is 17-19% fat, or 53% coconut Light Coconut Milk is 5-7% fat or 25% coconut Coconut Cream is 20-22% fat or 60% coconut The balance in each can is water – [...]

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