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Why did we downsize our tuna cans?

Earlier this year, we downsized our tuna cans from 6oz to 5 oz. We held out against this change as long as we could. I remember my tuna supplier telling me a few years ago that the industry was moving from 6oz to 5oz cans and he asked me if I wanted to switch.  I [...]

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Organic Pasta

One of our basic philosophies is to find one product producer in each product category we are in, and stick with that supplier. We’ve had difficulty doing that in Organic Pasta, as several domestic suppliers that we have gone out of business over the years. Our first pasta supplier, back in the Mid 90’s, used [...]

By | August 14th, 2014|FAQs, Gary's Blog|

2014 Tradeshows

We have (finally) updated our tradeshow listing for the balance of 2014 and have begun working on 2015. We are exhibiting at both Natural Products Expos, the National Restaurant Show, the 3 UNFI Tabletop Shows, 3 KeHe shows, Associated Buyers, NCGA, and INFRA shows.  We are attending, but not exhibiting at the 2 Fancy Food [...]

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Sea Salt Discontinued

One of the first Natural Value products we started producing back in the mid-90s was salt. We had plain and iodized. Our sea salt was a table salt, basically a refined version of evaporated sea water, came from the San Francisco Bay. It took about 18 months to dry, and if you flew into San [...]

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Spices In Our Organic Mustard

We are often asked what spices are in our Organic Mustard. The manufacturer of the mustard doesn’t want to disclose what the actual spices are, because they believe that there are so few ingredients, another manufacturer can come along and steal their formula. What they will do, is confirm the presence of a specific spice [...]

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Sweet Weekend

Hi there! This time around, it’s “Jody’s Blog”! Gary and I recently had the pleasure of visiting our maple syrup suppliers to attend their annual Maple Weekend. It was fun, cold and sweet all at the same time! I hope to update often with news and pictures of our travels. (To read and see more [...]

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Got Coconut Milk?

Many have told us they are having trouble finding Natural Value Coconut Milk in stores or on Amazon recently. The bad news: our organic and natural Coconut Milk supplier is experiencing a shortage on non-BPA tin plate, which they use for canning our product. The good news: we have ordered extra shipments, which are on [...]

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News from Natural Products Expo West

We had a great time in Anaheim at Natural Products Expo West! Natural Value has been exhibiting at this show for 17 years! This year we had two booths; next year we’re booking three! Here are some highlights of the show: Over the three-day show, a slew of new product opportunities presented themselves. Many potential [...]

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New Products

It starts with an idea.... Someone once told me that I’m like a locomotive - I don’t speed up or slow down; I just keep moving forward, looking for new products or a better way to do things. I don’t stop! For example, I’ve always wanted to do Organic Sri Racha sauce. Do I even [...]

By | February 8th, 2013|Gary's Blog|

Pepper the Cat

Liz's cat Pepper welcomes a new Amazon cat food shipment from the UPS man.

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