Pet Food

Your little darling deserves nothing less than natural, healthy food – and we help make it affordable for you. All of our pet food is natural: free of fillers, by-products, and preservatives. The tuna we use is sustainably-fished and dolphin-safe. And those cans cats crave? They’re made with NON-INTENT BPA-free linings. Our customers constantly tell us it’s the only brand their kitties will eat.
July 2017 UPDATE: Our Tuna n’ Toppings and Gourmet Chunk Style Cat food are expected to be back in stock in early August 2017.
All Varieties of Natural Value Pet Food will be available at Let’s Go!
Some varieties are available in the Greenstaurant Storefront on Amazon and on
If you are having trouble finding our cat food at the store you used to buy it from, then please email us with the store’s name and location. We’ll work with your store to get our cat food back on the shelf!