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“What happened to the pet food?”

September 2017  UPDATE:
Our Gourmet Chunk Style Cat food is back in stock! If you are having trouble finding our cat food at the store you used to buy it from, then please email us with the store’s name and location.  We’ll work with your store to get our cat food back on the shelf!

December 8, 2016

Since we started in business 21 years ago we decided to do business the old fashioned way. (Maybe because I am old?). We found one producer in each product category and stuck with that one producer no matter what.

Over the years that program has been very successful for us and the suppliers we have chosen to work with. But there have been hiccups.

We are now in a position where we are no longer working with the 3rd party we were sourcing our pet food from. There went our pet food business. Because the 3rd party set themselves up with the suppliers and producers as the key party. Not us. Even though it was our brand and our product and our name on the product. That was my mistake.

So we are now in the process of establishing direct relationships with the people whom make the pet food. That took and takes time. So we are out of stock until January. We apologize for that.

Thanks for your patience.

Gary Cohen
Natural Value

  • No By-Products or Fillers
  • NON-INTENT BPA-Free Lining
  • Handpacked in Thailand